Mildew-Free Water-Repellent Fabric Shower Curtain (Hooks Included)

The equal of any shower curtain on offer, AIMJERRY curtains burst onto the international scene in 2015. Already highly popular with households and hotels throughout Europe, North America, and Russia, they look to sell more than $500 million USD worth worldwide in 2016. The novel patterns they display come from the four corners of the globe, straight from the studios of top contemporary designers.

Offering great value as well, they come made either from environmentally-friendly, non-toxic PEVE plastic or dacron. PEVE offers the advantage of lower cost while providing both good waterproofing and thermal insulation. Dacron affords a higher-end, three-dimensional look though, which is often highly desirable depending upon the end-user’s styling choice.

Always packaged with free shower-rod and hooks, AIMJERRYshower curtains are offered in a wide range of widths to accommodate most any bath area. What’s more, like all AIMJERRY products these curtains carry a full two-year guarantee – one rarely invoked since our control of quality is tight from beginning to end. All told, AIMJERRY shower curtains are your number one choice to upgrade your bathroom style and usability.

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