Long Handle Bath Brush With Natural Boar Bristles

For both style and function, AIMJERRY bath brushes are the best choice at an unparalleled value. These brushes, found in top retail stores on several continents (especially Japan and Europe thus far), create smoother skin with reduced cellulite. You needn’t spend hundreds of dollars on in-spa treatments as this dry brushing softens hard fat deposits below the skin and distributes them more evenly.

Combining better materials than competing brands and featuring novel styling and a fashionable handle, these are items AIMJERRY and our partner designers are proud to offer. Our body brush features soft yet strong natural bristles that effectively boost circulation and exfoliate without irritation. This, combined with strict quality control, allows for our strong three-year guarantee against any possible defect.

What’s more, AIMJERRY’S in-house and collaborative designers, along with our research and development team, jointly produce new brush styles monthly. Stylistic for sure, but functional as well, because we take ergonomics and actual end-user benefit into consideration as well. Enjoy your bath with AIMJERRY bath brushes – bring a true spa experience right to your home.

“Take a bath, enjoy the time.”


Want naturally softer, healthier skin without spending hundreds of dollars on in-spa treatments?  This brush makes that dream come true …

1. GENTLE TOUCH. The natural boar-hair bristles on this brush don’t cause micro abrasions that otherwise result indamaging inflammation, making our dry brush the safer option against synthetic dry brushes.

2. EASY TO GRIP HANDLE. Our easy-grip long handle bath and body brush works perfectly and easily.

3. FIRM. Despite a gentle touch, our boar hair bristles are firm to create the maximum possible circulation boost and exfoliation benefit.

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